Angst, Adrenaline, Mayhem...

This memory remains and kicked ass! Complete craziness. This weekend show was 9-hours full of blood, loudness, crazy metal mayhem and it inspired like no other. It surely did not disappoint. The fire it creates within to fuel the passion and fire to cook is unbelievable. The line up...









?(dont recall) :(


Meaty...Day 2..

maine lobster, mango, avocado, macadamia nuts, oca leaves,

golden whitefish caviar, lobster vinaigrette, pina colada "boisson"

seared raw elk loin carpaccio "ravioli"
fava bean tapenade, ossau iraty, black pepper, tomato water,

baby farmer tomato composure, basil, black olive oil, micro greens

seared hudson valley foie gras, cacao nib-hazelnut waffles
white donut peach-jalapeno relish, figs, cocoa foam, mosto cotto

florida frog legs sous vide, brown butter sauteed, corn-bacon salad
black truffles, quinoa, gnocchi, pea vines, truffle nage

elderflower compressed galia melon, grains of paradise, lemon oil drizzle
prosecco-champagne granite

spice crusted muscovy duck, roasted cherries, savory pea pancake
baby chanterelles, teenage zucchini "tagliatelle"
roasted baby onions, sour cherry-herb jus

peach cobbler, orange-lavender scone, rose geranium ice cream
sweet corn brulee, fig salad, herb syrup
chocolate coulant, silk, cherries, dove bar stix, caramel
raspberry-olive oil sponge napoleon, lemon cremeaux


day 2 with the ingredients that were procured and thus inspired the menu degustation that lies before you. We took the ideas of the previous day, added, tweaked, deleted, augmented, refined, replated, reformatted and revisited them. Some things may not look much different, but they were handled differently, seasoned in some new fashion, sliced, or left whole to present a whole new dimension. In the end...we liked what we served and how things tasted. So did our guests. I always strive to please myself first, not my guests. I feel that if I can do that, or even come remotely close, then I will most usually and certainly please them. Hope you enjoy...


Meaty, Juicy & Tasty...

elk loin carpaccio "ravioli", fava bean tapenade, ossau iraty, black pepper

baby heirloom tomatoes, arugula, thai basil, crisp potato, 30 year balsamic

frog legs sous vide, aussie truffles, semolina gnocchi
green apple mustard brushing, pea vines, honshimejii, truffle nage

grilled columbia river sturgeon, seared foie gras
quinoa, corn-bacon-peach "fricassee", pineapple sage, peach vinaigrette

Go big or go home! This was kind of the theme as it turned out after looking back at the dishes constructed. Inspired by the moment, the season, the guests arriving, and the ingredients procured...the bold flavors just seemed to fit. One after another, the dishes took their own identity and transpired into the juxtaposition that became itself. Slightly more deeper a flavor profile than the normal summer tastes but yet fitting as they were quite light in nature for most part. Fun to cook...amazing to taste...intriguing to contemplate. This will definitely spin us in a direction with new ideas for the future...hope you enjoy this visual to sink your teeth into...


Looks That Kill...

purple cherokee tomato pave, peach air, chili thread

compressed watermelon napoleon, albacore tartare, anise hyssop

yellow taxi tomato water "boisson", baby tomato & melon spoons

grilled madagascar prawn, golden caviar-ginger-heart of palm ravioli
sriracha aioli, ginger-chive oil, peach relish, nasturtium

sous vide thigh and seared loin of rabbit, morels, pistachio pesto
fig relish, red huckleberry sauce

seared foie gras salad, apricot gel, apricots, cherries, purslane, hazelnuts
cacao nibs, pedro ximenez dressing

braised frog legs, onion-bacon-tomato "stew", aussie truffles
seared skate wing "salad", truffle mashed potato

grilled opah cheeks, zucchini puree, fava bean tapenade,
king trumpet mushrooms, tomato-plum-olive oil "vierge"

the other 6 courses did not take well as we were crazy busy...

bummer, but that's rock n roll & life on the road

still pumped from the crue show...this song is definitely drilled into my brain and it, along with all the other kick ass tunes they shared has been inspiring me since that night! Actually, truth be told...the crue has always been a great inspiration...bad boy attitude, hard core aggression, extreme in everything they do, the need to have fun and push the boundaries, decadence...you get it. I tend to do that with my life, albeit a bit less on the destructive side...no heroin here! This post is about the hard drive to explore the craft and the passion, the extreme commitment to the "fans", the result and fruits of our labor and the rock n roll that comes along with it...hope you enjoy this ride on the wild side!...


Vintimate 3~ Argentina...

spiced rabbit empanada, caramelized onions, chorizo, pepper coulis

jicama-orange salad, pepper oil, oca leaves

seared elk loin carpaccio, arugula, apricot chutney, garlic dressing
crispy onions, whipped tomato air, black pepper

savory spice braised opah cheeks sous vide
charred calamari salad, smoked abalone mushrooms, lemon, parsley salad
scallion coulis, yucca puree, red wine syrup

char-grilled rib eye of beef "asado"
tomato-shallot marmalade, chanterelles, roasted heirloom garlic
peach-smoked paprika chimichurri, purple potatoes


dulce de leche "torta", melon-almond gazpacho, chocolate lollipop

brazil nut crumble

And yet another journey in the world of wine and food...Wine and food...food and wine...which one should come first? Which one should take a back seat? Ideally...neither, but it seems to depend on who strong arms who in terms of the marketing of the event and how it is played out. Taste of Argentina vs. A Taste of Malbec. In this instance, it was billed as the Vintimate Series, in which case the wine comes first. I seem to always go with my gut though and put my food hat on and push forward in a direction that I see best fitting the situation...and my palate! After all...that is what I do. This dinner was all about the wines of Argentina and the flavors and ingredients that could best highlight the well rounded wines served up to such a lucky clientele. I have always loved the warm flavors of South America and it gets my juices flowing and palate tingling when I envision those wonderful warm flavors and tastes. This was the third part of three in this series and ended up being so cool, so tasty and so sexy! Looking forward to starting another new series whereas food will play "el capitan" known as the Global taste Series. That will have to wait until next time though. Here is how this one played out...


Friendly Summer Expression...


maine lobster salad, avocado, mango, american sturgeon caviar

yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon

beefsteak pave, purple cherokee tartare, fragrant water

watermelon-crab napoleon, chive blossoms

whipped air, compressed galia melon, purple basil, olive oil

"african blue prawn"
grilled, heart of palm, peach relish, mexican cilantro, lovage dressing

marinated loin, morels, arugula chiffonade, pistachio pesto
30 year balsamic condiment, red huckleberry sauce

"foie gras"
seared salad, summer stonefruits, truffled apricot conserve
hazelnuts, pedro ximenez-blood orange olive oil sauce

"opah cheeks"
marinated, sous vide cooked, chorizo-veal essence, truffle potatoes
truffles, braised frog legs, tomato-onion-bacon ragout

honey & thyme lacquered, cider lentils, mustard laced cauliflower
fava beans, baby chanterelles, anise hyssop, chocolate sauce

marinated, slow roasted loin, smoked abalone mushrooms, fig relish,
polenta cube, caramelized garlic, black peppercorn sauce

"faberge egg", cherry pie, cherry sorbet, chocolate shortdough
sweet corn brulee, fig tart, muscovado mousse, caramel sauce, chevre ice cream
dove bar stix, "s'mores", banana ice cream

just another of course! A matter of taste. A matter of personal vision. A look into the thoughts as they unfold for some very special folks. They are foodies, supporters, friends, guests, and honorable peeps. They are a couple who frequent the chefs table many times and always seem to come with excitement in mind and grins on their faces. Here is a line up of what was served to these special guests. It is always a great pleasure to cook for them as they always are so eager to try new things, explore new tastes and flavors and I always get the vibe that they generally just enjoying supporting us and seeing us as we do them. A mutual admiration of the people them self, if for no other reason but to converse and share stories, laugh and enjoy the company and camaraderie of the other...and all the while being based and centered around food and cooking! What a great thing. I hope you enjoy the degustation as much as we did preparing it for them.


Vintimate 2-Tuscany...

salumi assortment

felino, tuscan wine, chorizo riojana, spicy smoked antelope

grilled fig, chevre, arugula, 30 yr. balsamic, purple cherokee tomato water "boisson"

carnaroli rice crusted soft shell crab, chickpea puree, artichokes sous vide
chickpeas, chili flakes, parsley-mint-lemon salad, lemoncello vinaigrette

"hand cut" pasta a'la chiatarra
house smoked bacon, sous vide egg, peas, morels, black pepper
aged pecorino, silcilian olive oil

"northwest lamb with various flavors"
slow braised shank, caramelized heirloom garlic, tomato fondue
abalone mushrooms, mint "panzanella"
savory grilled t-bone, zucchini puree, fava beans, chanterelles, chianti-saba jus

lemon verbena panna cotta, apricots, plum coulis
toasted olive oil sponge, olive oil gelato, lavender wafer

another in the cool, intimate wine & food series. Vintimate...A Taste of Tuscany, unveils a sleek, sexy look into the foods and ideas that were inspired from the dinner my cohort and partner in wine-crime put together. For those that recall, we used to present a plethora of awesome food and wine series dubbed as our GlItalicobal Taste Series, which was all about looking at a different culture, country, city, style, and season. It would conjure up thoughts and notions about that original food scene and style and reinterpret that through my own mind and thoughts and end up becoming presented in a modernistic northwest contemporary nature. Authentic...hell no. Traditional...hell no. Fun, new and inspiring...hell yes! We took a break, but have rekindled that flirting flame with this new intimate wine & food dinner series...enter Vintimate~

Chef's Table Dishes...

compressed watermelon, tomato air, tomato water

scallop, tomato pave, endive-peach salad, olive oil

yellow tomato tart, chevre, opal basil, arugula, 30 yr balsamic

seared foie gras salad, stonefruits,baby lettuces, truffled apricot conserve
olive oil sponge "croutons", trockenbeerenauslese dressing

carnaroli rice crusted soft shell crab, zucchini puree, peas, tomato fondue
morels, corn-tarragon nage, parsley-lemon salad

black plum, radish, oca leaf, indonesian long pepper, elderflower

"lamb two ways"
slow braised shank, argan oil mashed potatoes, herb panzanella streusel
roasted t-bone, chanterelles, fava bean tapenade, chive-garlic flan

cherry pie, chocolate shortdough, lemon verbena ice cream
sweet corn brulee, figs, fig newton, frozen basil yogurt
lemon verbena panna cotta, apricot
lime "cremeaux", boysenberries, lavender meringue, rhubarb sorbet
s'mores, raspberries, caramel

just a few shots to post...some ideas to contemplate...some things to get off my chest...and a handful of ingredients that were inspiring! We later took this to a new level only to be shown in posts to follow...unless of course you were in our kitchen experiencing it as it unfolded, whether on the line or at the table!


Vintimate~ Salmon & Pinot...


Sockeye Salmon Tartare Spoons, Baby Fennel, Chili Powder, Orange Olive Oil

"Hot Smoked" King Salmon Salad
Capers, Tarragon, Orleans Mustard, Chayote, Apple

Fresh Bay Ice Cream, Ikura Roe, Blis Maple, Crispy Potato, Greens, Lemon Dressing

Organic Game Hen Sous Vide
Douglas Fir Scented, King Trumpet Mushrooms, Fava Beans, Braised Chard
Heirloom Garlic Puree, Truffle Oil, Saba Jus

"Salmon Two Ways"
Sous Vide, summer Vegetable Composure, Corn Pudding, Morels, Carrot Oil
Flash Seared a'la Plancha, Caramelized Farmer Onions, Foie Gras, Peach Relish
Lentils, Salt Roasted Baby Beets, Pinot Noir Sauce

Mosto Cotto Braised Figs, Fresh Chevre, Truffled Goat Cheese, Pistachios
Black Pepper Langue du Chat, Orange Currant-Fig Sauce
Rose Geranium Ice Cream

A handful of tasty, playful dishes all centered around the wonderful oily fish we love in the Northwest...Salmon and the sexy sensuous wine that goes so well with it...Pinot~ both blanc, rose et noir! Cheers...


Crafted, Concise & Coherent...

local crayfish-herb salad, corn, truffles, peas, micro greens

corn-truffle agnolotti, corn nage

cornish game hen sous vide, pea vines, fava bean tapenade, honshimejii
hazelnuts, roasted fig relish, sardinian saba

grilled alaskan halibut "tranche", morels, adolescent zucchini
zucchini-basil puree, tomato-plum-olive oil "vierge"

"bouche revigorant"
peppered local apricot "sambal", baby fennel, grains of paradise, chili threads
grapefruit-thyme-honey ice

dukkah crusted loin of lamb, king trumpet filet, beet greens with bacon
young walla walla onions, salt roasted beets, charred peach essence

"la tur" triple milk, macerated figs, pecan, pomegranate syrup
redwood hill farm chevre crottin, cherries "3 ways"
jasper hill farm cow's milk camembert "brulee", truffled apricot conserve
spanish valdeon cow's milk bleu, douglas fir honey, salted marcona

~dessert four-play~
peach-yogurt parfait, fennel shortdough, rose geranium ice cream
corn brulee, cherries, melon-hyssop sorbet
s'mores in a new way
praline valrhona silk, tay berries, olive oil gelato


our dishes are crafted out of the love of the ingredients...

the love of the food...

the desire to please...

the need to fulfill...

the passion to kick ass!


the creations that come to fruition are a concise thought revolving around taste...

inspired from the moment...
rooted in tradition and classic foundation...
conjured up from a strong urge and desire to maximize flavor!

our food unveils its true identity because we are aware of our surroundings...

it evolves because we research the possibilities and strive for potential...
it comes alive because we care and are passionate about our craft...
it is because we are!