Friendly Summer Expression...


maine lobster salad, avocado, mango, american sturgeon caviar

yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon

beefsteak pave, purple cherokee tartare, fragrant water

watermelon-crab napoleon, chive blossoms

whipped air, compressed galia melon, purple basil, olive oil

"african blue prawn"
grilled, heart of palm, peach relish, mexican cilantro, lovage dressing

marinated loin, morels, arugula chiffonade, pistachio pesto
30 year balsamic condiment, red huckleberry sauce

"foie gras"
seared salad, summer stonefruits, truffled apricot conserve
hazelnuts, pedro ximenez-blood orange olive oil sauce

"opah cheeks"
marinated, sous vide cooked, chorizo-veal essence, truffle potatoes
truffles, braised frog legs, tomato-onion-bacon ragout

honey & thyme lacquered, cider lentils, mustard laced cauliflower
fava beans, baby chanterelles, anise hyssop, chocolate sauce

marinated, slow roasted loin, smoked abalone mushrooms, fig relish,
polenta cube, caramelized garlic, black peppercorn sauce

"faberge egg", cherry pie, cherry sorbet, chocolate shortdough
sweet corn brulee, fig tart, muscovado mousse, caramel sauce, chevre ice cream
dove bar stix, "s'mores", banana ice cream

just another of course! A matter of taste. A matter of personal vision. A look into the thoughts as they unfold for some very special folks. They are foodies, supporters, friends, guests, and honorable peeps. They are a couple who frequent the chefs table many times and always seem to come with excitement in mind and grins on their faces. Here is a line up of what was served to these special guests. It is always a great pleasure to cook for them as they always are so eager to try new things, explore new tastes and flavors and I always get the vibe that they generally just enjoying supporting us and seeing us as we do them. A mutual admiration of the people them self, if for no other reason but to converse and share stories, laugh and enjoy the company and camaraderie of the other...and all the while being based and centered around food and cooking! What a great thing. I hope you enjoy the degustation as much as we did preparing it for them.


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