Vintimate 2-Tuscany...

salumi assortment

felino, tuscan wine, chorizo riojana, spicy smoked antelope

grilled fig, chevre, arugula, 30 yr. balsamic, purple cherokee tomato water "boisson"

carnaroli rice crusted soft shell crab, chickpea puree, artichokes sous vide
chickpeas, chili flakes, parsley-mint-lemon salad, lemoncello vinaigrette

"hand cut" pasta a'la chiatarra
house smoked bacon, sous vide egg, peas, morels, black pepper
aged pecorino, silcilian olive oil

"northwest lamb with various flavors"
slow braised shank, caramelized heirloom garlic, tomato fondue
abalone mushrooms, mint "panzanella"
savory grilled t-bone, zucchini puree, fava beans, chanterelles, chianti-saba jus

lemon verbena panna cotta, apricots, plum coulis
toasted olive oil sponge, olive oil gelato, lavender wafer

another in the cool, intimate wine & food series. Vintimate...A Taste of Tuscany, unveils a sleek, sexy look into the foods and ideas that were inspired from the dinner my cohort and partner in wine-crime put together. For those that recall, we used to present a plethora of awesome food and wine series dubbed as our GlItalicobal Taste Series, which was all about looking at a different culture, country, city, style, and season. It would conjure up thoughts and notions about that original food scene and style and reinterpret that through my own mind and thoughts and end up becoming presented in a modernistic northwest contemporary nature. Authentic...hell no. Traditional...hell no. Fun, new and inspiring...hell yes! We took a break, but have rekindled that flirting flame with this new intimate wine & food dinner series...enter Vintimate~


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