Breath of Life...

in the aftermath of a recent suicide of a friend...I offer you all this...Just Breathe! Breathe for the moment, breathe for the good, breathe for the what if's and what could be's. You never who or what will be right around the corner or when. Life can turn on a dime and will. What is precious can be taken from us in a heartbeat or fraction thereof. In that same fragile light, I know things can change for the better. Believe me I know. When all is said and done, look for the beauty and happiness in life, what can bring that to you and go after it. Maintaining a positive state of mind is crucial for happiness. Reach out to those around you for help...there are resources and people who can help turn your life around and make a difference, but you have to want to make it happen. Want to for the right reasons. That special situation or special someone is waiting for you. Just when you least expect it...so just breathe! As a continued tribute to my friend and those who suffer from the same depressed sadness...here are some of the fruits of my own pain and passion to express yet a happier time...in life and in happiness...
togarashi seared albacore tuna, heart of palm, kumquats, daikon sprouts, soy pearls
pickled watermelon radishes, sriracha aioli, soy-mirin-citrus vinaigrette

porcini crusted scallop, braised cardoons, carrot creamed nettles, crispy duck tongues
porcini-truffle nage

ras el hanout crusted lamb loin, celery root puree, cumin roasted carrots
chickpeas, fig mostarda, hedgehog mushrooms, smoked hazelnut powder
green harissa, fir lamb jus

spicy smoky jal braised razor clams, green harissa, heart of palm, kumquats
asparagus tips, blood orange oil, potato crumbs, micro mustard, asparagus-parsley juice

grilled wild Alaskan halibut, English pea pancake, peas, prosciutto, miners lettuce
king trumpet mushrooms, truffled leeks, truffle sauce

southern sorghum & pepper brushed wild boar loin, hedgehog mushrooms, pecans
parsnip puree, kale-cardoon-bacon composure, soy-citrus pearls

strawberry-rhubarb cobbler, pistachios, citrus topping, rhubarb-pistachio semi-freddo

earl grey chocolate fondant, charred cara cara oranges, caramel,
salted caramel ice cream, almond milk gel, vanilla dove bar


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