Chef's Table Dishes...

compressed watermelon, tomato air, tomato water

scallop, tomato pave, endive-peach salad, olive oil

yellow tomato tart, chevre, opal basil, arugula, 30 yr balsamic

seared foie gras salad, stonefruits,baby lettuces, truffled apricot conserve
olive oil sponge "croutons", trockenbeerenauslese dressing

carnaroli rice crusted soft shell crab, zucchini puree, peas, tomato fondue
morels, corn-tarragon nage, parsley-lemon salad

black plum, radish, oca leaf, indonesian long pepper, elderflower

"lamb two ways"
slow braised shank, argan oil mashed potatoes, herb panzanella streusel
roasted t-bone, chanterelles, fava bean tapenade, chive-garlic flan

cherry pie, chocolate shortdough, lemon verbena ice cream
sweet corn brulee, figs, fig newton, frozen basil yogurt
lemon verbena panna cotta, apricot
lime "cremeaux", boysenberries, lavender meringue, rhubarb sorbet
s'mores, raspberries, caramel

just a few shots to post...some ideas to contemplate...some things to get off my chest...and a handful of ingredients that were inspiring! We later took this to a new level only to be shown in posts to follow...unless of course you were in our kitchen experiencing it as it unfolded, whether on the line or at the table!


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