Sexy, Silky and Sensuous...

Could it possibly be anything but? Not really. It was an amazing dish to say the least. I can not take all the credit however, as nature took care of that truth be told. I was just lucky enough to have the mindset to put it together with passion and care, love and commitment and a drive for perfection. Didn't quite make it to the perfection part, but I will keep at it. I promise you that!...
Seared Diver Sea Scallops
Cassis Scented Scottish Grouse Breast Sous Vide
Roasted Butternut Squash Agnolotti
Wild Porcini Mushrooms
Brussel Sprout Leaves
Burgundy Truffles
Poultry-Shallot Jus



Foraged, Fun and Foie Gras...

A few tastes that have been foraged and gathered. They are fun to prepare, cook and to eat. And...there is foie gras! What else need be said? There were several other dishes that almost made the cut, but I am saving that for yet another day when I am a bit more inspired to write. The first two dishes are a play on the same ingredients. An other just simply a fun dish to create and to prepare for our guests. And finally one to tease the taste buds...perhaps.
port cured foie gras (dish #1)...
peppered gingerbread, persimmons-celery salad, walnuts, walnut powder
cranberry-shallot tapenade, ras el hanout, port wine vinaigrette

port cured foie gras #2...alternate plate up
same gear, different day. A tribute to someone special.

seared diver scallop, smoked duck-apple salad, celery leaves, celery root puree
truffles, pedro ximenez-shallot jus

braised bison short ribs, saffron milky cap mushrooms, parsnip jam
"grape nuts", baby turnips, silky potato mousseline, crosnes


Craving Fall Flavors...

Just a few more good dishes, comprised of the fresh, fall ingredients procured as late. Interesting how something inside just clicks and makes the change to a different time of year, a cooler climate and a more intimate relationship with food. What a fun time to be a chef...and a diner!
pan roasted sea scallop, truffles, pumpkin gnocchi, house cured spala
salsify, porcini

spice rubbed duck breast, cassis remoulade, apple-celery-walnut salad
arugula, walnut powder, pedro ximenez dressing

seared foie gras, curried golden raisin sauce, "3 pickled berries"
smoked pecan crumble, savory gingersnap, elderberry vinaigrette

syrah and hibiscus braised bison short rib, roasted heirloom garlic
baby turnips glace, roasted porcini mushrooms, celery root, black peppercorn essence


Shape of Things to Come...

Totally inspired from a local rock show featuring none other than mr. badass himself; Chris Cornell, the music still resonating inside of me as the memory remains, the dishes created both before and after the amazing set are keeping these culinary creative juices flowing. I have cooked, crafted and shot a few dishes lately and wanted to get them onto the blog for you all. The ingredients wonderful. The flavors rich and succulent. The team passionate and hungry. The tastes represented~ in a word...outshined.
roasted beets, albacore tuna tartare, pickled raspberries, shaved fennel
heart of palm, lotus root chips, citrus vinaigrette

grilled hawaiian mahi mahi, sweet potato gnocchi, lemon balm-coconut carrots
lobster mushrooms, pork feet-chard, smoked corn

marinated spot prawns, coconut, mango coulis, celery leaves, smoked cantaloupe
early girl tomatoes, butternut squash bisque

seared foie gras, fig tart, honey roasted cipolline onions, beet paint, apple jam
gingersnap cookie, pedro ximenez-hazelnut vinaigrette

pan roasted sea scallop, pumpkin gnocchi, porcini mushroom, salsify, truffles
pigs feet, spala and pumpkin emulsion

harissa brushed walleye pike, matsutake, tunisian cous cous, carrots, raisins
green garbanzo beans, mint, yogurt and lemon oil

compressed plum, fennel, celery, plum sorbet, grains of paradise


Kickin it Old School...

The infamous...the sensuous...the sexy...enter the Scallop & Foie Gras Martini!

Silky Potato Mousseline
30 year Balsamic Vinegar
Seared Diver Sea Scallop
Sensuous Foie Gras Nage
Seared Foie Gras
Fleur de Sel

nothing but goodness here...