Visions of Splendor...

...just a few photos of a few good dishes for a few good peeps during a few good times in the kitchen. I share these with you all as a token of my appreciation for the craft I have chosen, my inspiration from where it may arise and the wonderful amazing times I have experienced in the kitchen and with those in which I have shared them with... for in the end, nothing else matters...
scallop & foie gras, rhubarb, honey bunches of oats, cacao nibs
hazelnuts, almond powder, pine bud syrup
seared foie gras, rhubarb coulis, kumquats, verjus poached rhubarb, rhubarb pearls
almond milk gel, cocoa, amaranth
grilled local asparagus, sous vide egg, black pepper, fleur de sel
smoked hazelnuts, spanish olive oil, micro arugula

marinated grilled california yellowtail, compressed granny smith apple
citrus braised heart of palm, ramp pesto, claytonia, vadouvan milk

pink peppercorn-milk chocolates, smoked vanilla caramels, hazelnut-coffee macaron
strawberry-prosecco pates de fruits

truffle soup, rabbit-potato-morel skewer, truffles, madeira, potato

local asparagus salad, peas, micro greens, mostarda brushing
truffle-potato vinaigrette
wild boar loin, fuji apples, caramelized onions, onion puree, sorghum risotto, corn powder,
popped sorghum, onion essence

marinated rabbit loin, soy pearls, honshimejii mushrooms, pistachios, micro mustard
kentucky soy-bacon-apple vinaigrette
spicy clam salad, cara cara oranges, asparagus, heart of palm, yuzu pudding
micro peppercress, blood orange olive oil dressing