Livin The Dream...

as I lay there, barely awake in the mid morning sun one recent morning, I thought about a few flavor profiles and dishes I would consider if I were in need of a wine paired and focused menu, or really truth be told, just a collaboration of fun flavors and ingredients for just about any cool menu needed. There was something elusive about it as I had been asked to create a menu earlier for a wine tasting, but I was not thinking about it all when I conjured this up. Funny how things can happen. Nothing as it seems...

poached shigoku oyster wrapped in cucumber, watermelon radish
oranges, daikon sprouts, hibiscus-ginger gelee

smoked chicken-mushroom terrine, pumpkin hummus, walnuts, verjus apples
carrot butter brioche, arugula, maple-bourbon dressing

sumac crusted beef flat iron, elderberry mostarda, cinnamon ash, fig relish
coffee milk, cassis sauce

washed rind goat cheese, black currant brioche, concord grapes, ras el hanout

salted caramel pot de creme, pecans, cider gelee, caramel


Blogger Trizanh said...

What kind of wine did you pair these dishes with?

10:36:00 PM  
Blogger Sara Simmons said...

Really...! Thanks to you for giving me delicious recipes.. Thank you for your wonderful blog.
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4:46:00 AM  

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