A Few Intermezzos...

I like to call them Bouche Revigorant...a revigorating mouthful. To entice and cleanse the palate. To bring forth what lie ahead. To refresh and sooth and we venture into the new. Here are a few dishes in the last of the series of tastes...
douglas fir honey, peppered pineapple, fennel yogurt, honeydew melon vinegar
rhubarb-licorice root fern granite, meyer lemon oil

late harvest vinegar dressed vegetables, fava bean shoots, pistachios
sherry vinegar-maple gelee, grains of paradise

meyer lemon confit, fennel, mint, peppered strawberry gel,
frozen yogurt lozenge, macadamia nut rappe'

Fish of the Moment...

The third in a series of different dishes and different thoughts mostly using the same ingredients. Perhaps sometime, it is just another way of looking at the same humble ingredient in front of you thus you are able to see it in a new light and give it a better lift off or not. Stepping away from the stove here and there allows one to get a better perspective of their cooking and thoughts and shine in new ways
seared scallop, porcini creamed nettles, spring garlic, king trumpet mushrooms,
fiddlehead ferns, asparagus, chive-carrot emulsion

lemon & chive crusted alaskan halibut, ramps, asparagus, asparagus coulis,
saffron braised heart of palm, chia seeds, citrus heart of palm braisage

fennel pollen seared halibut, ramp pesto, pickled ramps, king trumpet mushrooms
crispy carrots, marcona almond quinoa, wood sorrel, rhubarb sauce
. Food for thought...

Foie Gras Three Ways...

The second posting of a series of three ways of preparation and presentation of different dishes yet using the same main item. A collection of ideas, thoughts and interpretations and how they change as the day changes, the mood, the group, weather, song in my head, the intensity, the passion, the energy and excitement and the thoughts running wild inside me...good or bad, the dishes are what they are. Same shit different day you ask?...perhaps.
seared foie gras, maple, rhubarb, celery, walnuts, walnut-vadouvan powder,
peppered strawberry

pan seared foie gras, poached rhubarb, rhubarb gel, hazelnuts, minted celery, pears,
wood sorrel, banyuls gastrique, peppered chocolate marbre

seared foie gras, fig mostarda, blood orange caramel, savory cacao nib financier
pickled shallots, micro celery, walnuts

Rabbit Three ways...

Before you are a few different interpretations and thoughts and presentations of the same main item. Local Rabbit. We brought in a bunch of a certain few ingredients recently from local sources and prepared them slightly different each day we were cooking and serving our tasting menu, so rather than show a few different menus with various plays on the same ingredient, I am showing all three at once. Stay tuned for the same format with several other ingredients...foie gras, halibut, lamb, beef short rib etc...Not in a rut, just playing with the cool ingredients we had at the time. Cheers...
warm rabbit loin salad, morels, peas, pea pancake, wood sorrel
carrot-almond tapenade, pine bud syrup, argan oil, beet paint

pistachio brushed loin, fiddlehead ferns, peas, king trumpet mushroom-apple relish
shiitake chips, maple-bourbon gel, arugula pesto, noble maple dressing

rabbit loin & morel salad, maple-sherry gel, pistachio dust, arugula, fava bean shoots,
fava bean tapenade, bacon, sherry dressing


Sharing of One's Passion...

A little glimpse of a moment in time of cooking from the heart. A pixel of passion and pleasure. A gesture of kindness and gratitude from one foodie to another. Here is the still(or not so still) life living in the now as the food crafted and created for some special folks was unveiled before them. To share of one's passion is a special thing, and one that is paralleled by only a few. I have shared my heart and soul with many, on one level or another, at one time or another and for one cause or another. Yet still, only some really scratches the surface. I delve deep when it comes to those that I feel truly appreciate the work, the flavor, the taste and the passion it takes. Here is a collection of tastes that are for some truly special peeps...
sashimi of fluke, radishes, minted celery, yuzu pudding, sriracha aioli, soy pearls
tangerine sorbet, finger limes, ginger-lime-mint dressing

seared foie gras, fig mostarda, rhubarb ribbons, rhubarb gel, pistachio pesto
potato-pistachio topping, aged balsamic condiment

maple-mustard brushed rabbit loin, maple-bourbon gel, arugula
fava bean-marcona almond tapenade, beets, beet paint, maple-mustard vinaigrette

pan seared branzino, fresh hummus, charred octopus-lemon-fennel salad, pennyroyal
spring leeks, harissa aioli essence

porcini & long pepper lamb loin, morels, spring peas, shaved bianchetti truffles
prune puree, salsify chips, truffle lamb jus

72 hour beef short rib, celery root puree, hedgehog mushrooms
baby turnips, saba,  syrah salt, elderberry essence

lemon puddingcake lollipops, nutella macaron, jasmine dove stix
strawberry-elderflower pates de fruits


Until Then...

As each day passes, I look forward to the next...wondering what it will bring, what new experiences will be presented in my path, what new and exciting opportunities will grace my presence, what life changing situations might occur, both good and bad and what amazing adventures might I embark on. And then there is the food...oh the world of food. What new find will I stumble upon, what new source may I be presented with, what dining experience will be so gracefully bestowed upon me, who will I be able to cook with and what will I be able to cook, and then who will I be honored to cook for? Will I be able to satisfy their every desire as a chef? I look at my food and wonder. Where will this road take me? Will I be able to satisfy myself? I wonder...as I keep cooking and focusing on taste, flavor, ingredients and technique...I wonder...until then. This is just another day with some different variations of the one prior. Experimenting with presentations and compositions of taste.
silky foie gras torchon, potato-pistachio topping, rhubarb gel, fig mostarda
minted celery sous vide, honeyed brioche "panzanella", celery leaves
aged sherry-argan oil dressing

garlic brushed quail thigh salad, hazelnut-millet pancake, morels
fava bean tapenade, micro arugula, mustard-maple brushing, onion blooms
peas, olive oil

pan roasted striped bass, fresh garbanzo beans, honshimejii mushrooms,
garlic steeped nettles, carrot pudding, chorizo, fennel pollen, preserved lemons, cider jus

ras el hanout crusted duck breast, pea vines, melted spring garlic,
roasted cauliflower-golden raisin "agro dolce", hedgehog mushrooms, truffles
elderberry sauce 

72-hour braised beef short ribs, grilled pear, duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes,
herb stewed baby turnips, syrah-pepper sauce


Food Porn 04.04.14...

different dishes of the now...some cool, some not bad, some alright, some so-so.
quail salad, pea pancake, peas, wood sorrel, radishes

foie gras torchon first shot
rhubarb, fig, sherry vinaigrette

pan roasted striped sea bass, carrot pudding, micro peppercress, sturgeon caviar
papillon olive oil, yuzu sabayon, porcini nettles

braised short rib & seared rib cap
hedgehog mushrooms, smoked pine nuts, baby turnips, onion blooms

glazed rabbit loin, millet, hazelnuts, morels, arugula, fava beans

pan seared bass, artichokes, honshi, pea coulis, bacon

grapefruit confit, pinot noir ice, raosted grapes, grapenuts, verjus-honey gelee, gewurztraminer juice

birthday marjolaine...
walnut dacquoise, orange-walnut filling, salted caramel, elderberry ganache
house preserved cherries, roquefort-pear sherbet, candied walnut