Little Something Else...

...and that is just what this is, just a little something to remind you...of what else is possible. Nothing crazy, nothing overly complicated, nothing other than a few dishes inspired by the moment and some good times. But I can tell you it is tasty and flavorful and full of the elements of the season. It is amazing what a little positive rejuvenation can do for a soul, the craft and the passion. In every sense...
seared foie gras & squab terrine, peach compote, rhubarb-onion jam
cacao nib marbre, grated walnuts, rhubarb gel, cinnamon ash

pan roasted sea scallop, crisp & silky potatoes, peas, pea vines
porcini, truffles, carrot puree, nasturtium sauce

marinated clams, smoky jal, asparagus, lemoncello pearls, purple mustard
cured lemons, spanish olive oil

herb and onion ash pasta, dungeness crab, baby heirloom tomatoes
asparagus, chervil, pecorino and lemon-pepper crema

graham crumble, salted caramel, smoked valrhona chocolate ganache
bourbon marshmallow, cinnamon graham cookies

manjari chocolate fondant, apricots, caramel sauce
espresso ice cream, cocoa croquant, almond mascarpone macaron


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