Meaty...Day 2..

maine lobster, mango, avocado, macadamia nuts, oca leaves,

golden whitefish caviar, lobster vinaigrette, pina colada "boisson"

seared raw elk loin carpaccio "ravioli"
fava bean tapenade, ossau iraty, black pepper, tomato water,

baby farmer tomato composure, basil, black olive oil, micro greens

seared hudson valley foie gras, cacao nib-hazelnut waffles
white donut peach-jalapeno relish, figs, cocoa foam, mosto cotto

florida frog legs sous vide, brown butter sauteed, corn-bacon salad
black truffles, quinoa, gnocchi, pea vines, truffle nage

elderflower compressed galia melon, grains of paradise, lemon oil drizzle
prosecco-champagne granite

spice crusted muscovy duck, roasted cherries, savory pea pancake
baby chanterelles, teenage zucchini "tagliatelle"
roasted baby onions, sour cherry-herb jus

peach cobbler, orange-lavender scone, rose geranium ice cream
sweet corn brulee, fig salad, herb syrup
chocolate coulant, silk, cherries, dove bar stix, caramel
raspberry-olive oil sponge napoleon, lemon cremeaux


day 2 with the ingredients that were procured and thus inspired the menu degustation that lies before you. We took the ideas of the previous day, added, tweaked, deleted, augmented, refined, replated, reformatted and revisited them. Some things may not look much different, but they were handled differently, seasoned in some new fashion, sliced, or left whole to present a whole new dimension. In the end...we liked what we served and how things tasted. So did our guests. I always strive to please myself first, not my guests. I feel that if I can do that, or even come remotely close, then I will most usually and certainly please them. Hope you enjoy...


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