Bring it On...

scrambled eggs, sturgeon caviar, creme fraiche, chervil

copper river salmon belly, morels, peas, micro radish

lobster bolognese, purple basil crepe, elderflower-yuzu sabayon

plating foie

seared foie gras, rhubarb, walnuts, peanut butter powder, muscovado

red banded rockfish, chorizo, green garbanzo, octopus, olives

plum, fennel, pink peppercorn, frozen yogurt

duck, scallop, tunisian cous, garlic scapes, fava beans

beef loin, baby turnips, king oyster mushrooms, salsify

chocolate-cherry-smoked wood
pineapple-macadamia-rum caramel
raspberry-kumquat-white chocolate
 or one could say braun...(reads inside note). A few recent shots of the here, the now, the good and of the moment! A feast for the foodies. Flavors of fresh, fun and lively...tastes of spring, excitement, sublime...visions reflecting the heat of passion amongst the brigade. Inspiration from various stages and platforms, foodstuffs, music genre and the like. Hope you enjoy as we did cooking...


Reflection of Soul and Self...

copper river salmon belly sous vide, cucumber, sharlyn melon, radishes
sriracha aioli, micro radish, oca leaves, blood orange olive oil
Liz rocking the anti griddle
seared pleasant view foie gras PB &J, pain perdue, poached rhubarb, fizzy golden raisins
rhubarb jam, peanut butter powder, rhubarb vinegar gastric
ugli fruit, poached fennel, pink peppercorn syrup
frozen yogurt-elderflower-lemon lozenge
spice crusted duck breast, quinoa, cardoons, walnuts, porcini, walnuts
baby turnips, kumquat-pinot noir jus
coffee crusted sous vide lamb loin, semolina gnocchi, king oyster mushrooms
fava bean tapenade, spring garlic, bacon-mushroom-onion essence
sweets and treats
earl grey chocolates, lavender-orange macaron sandwiches, spicy truffles
salted caramels, vanilla langue du chat wafers
Reflection of taste...smell...sight...sound...touch. All these make up the senses that most of us experience each and every day and in reality, take for granted. For those less fortunate, some of those senses do not play a part in one's daily life. Then take into mind the sense and reflection of emotion, feelings, thought, and heart. It can tear at you and at the same time bring you the utmost overwhelming joy. When you can bring that same great sense of joy to others whom you are important to you, this is a great thing. A gift. A miracle actually. My food brings me a great sense of fulfillment as do the very special people in my life, and, it is my vehicle in which I get to express my joy on a daily basis when I can not be with them. When I am down, that too gets expressed and reflected in my work. It is inevitable. This is not to say I do shitty work when I am down, but it does take on a different tone nonetheless. My work is a reflection of my soul in and out. It either screams of joy or pain, like that of a musician. The main difference being that in words and lyrics, it is quite obvious when someone is up or down. In my food, not so the case. I sometimes look at my past work and imagine what I was thinking at the time of cooking it. Or ask myself "how I was feeling"? "Who made a special impact on my day that day"? Was I having a good day or a bad one? In reality, some of my best work was accomplished when I was in the most horrible of places in my life. I tell myself, each day is a new day and with it brings new life and the fortunate opportunity to let those special people in my life know I care about them. I have posted some dishes here not to contemplate the good or the bad, but to recognize and reflect on the depth of soul within myself and know that no matter the case, it is true. A truth that I will continue to be in search of.


A Devotion to the Craft...

foie torchon, poached rhubarb, candied walnuts, rhubarb gel, fava bean flowers
seared scallop, honshimejii, green and white asparagus, wild boar "ravioli"
carbonized onion paste
diver scallop, brioche, peanut butter pesto, rhubarb, cacao nibs
awaiting foie gras...
scallop salad, heart of palm, white asparagus, scallop crudo "ravioli"
micro radish, grapefruit granite, smoked olive oil
foie gras torchon, toasted peanut paste, poached rhubarb, micro red radish
mandarinquat jus
spice crusted moularde duck, tunisian cous cous, kumquats, peas
roasted turnips, pea vines, blackberry essence, black garlic
seared diver scallops, peas, charred onion paste, house bacon,
bourbon-maple vinegar glaze
Our team rocks. Plain and simple. We have challenges just like any kitchen, but we work through them. I like that we don't have drama. Drama sucks and it drags you down. I always sense a strong devotion to the craft, even if the level of understanding, comprehension and experience amongst the crue is not always the highest. The passion that is evident is heartfelt and contagious. I wish I would have been able to have this as a young cook early on in my career at some places I worked. Some did and luckily, it stuck. Those were different times for sure. Another story, another day. At present, it seems that I cant express enough passion. I want to just scream at times to let people know how much I care and want to to make it perfect. Not everybody sees that or doesn't want to. That's ok. I know it to be the fact and it is so true of whom I am. Plain and simple! Food is so many different things to so many different people. That is what makes this business, profession and art so amazing. Here is some different representations of the craft for those that are not aware and for those that are!


Good Times, Bad Times...

kushi oyster, ugli mignonette,chili, mint, lemon balm ice
"ice cream & lollipops"
flame torched copper river sockeye salmon crudo lollipops
lemon curd-fennel sous vide frozen lollipops
frozen yogurt-fennel pollen-elderflower lozenge
lemon balm ice cream, radish-cucumber-oca leaf salad, bergamot oil

close up of salad
"salted snax"
crispy fried duck tongues sous vide, smoked pecans, bacon
saba drizzle, pecan oil potatoes
pleasant view farms foie gras & scallop
peanut butter pesto, grape-abbamele caramel, poached rhubarb
rhubarb puree, micro arugula, peanut butter powder
wild walleye pike, peas, morels, lentil pancake, fava bean flowers
squash blossom tempura, pea jus, jus de poisson, murray river salt
root beer lacquered moularde duck, truffled risotto, roasted porcini
pea vines, fava bean tapenade, crispy beets, baby turnips, quince jus
syrah braised beef short ribs, carrot creamed nettles, green garbanzo beans
baby purple artichokes, crisp salsify and huckleberry-syrah vinegar sauce
chocolate, pear, smoked applewood ice cream
peanut butter cheesecake, raspberry, raspberry sorbet, hippenmasse
kumquat puree, gelee, poached slices, olive oil gelato
white chocolate-lemon verbena madeline, strawberry-pistachio-watermelon salad
A very special tribute of good, for so many bad that happened yesterday. This goes out especially for a few folks...a staff member, whom was deeply affected by the terrible and horrific tragedy,  Enter the day...5 murders, 1 suicide, several wounded, a distraught and shaken community ending in utter sorrow, confusion, question and darkness. And...cool, kick-ass food being served up for some very special guests, celebrating life and happiness, passion, taste and all that is good. Bizarre...yes! My heart goes out to all the families, friends, patrons of Cafe Racer and community of Seattle who have been touched and scarred by this palette of death placed upon the canvas of those involved. Hopefully...this passion of cooking that I hold so close will in some small, minute way, bring a sliver of good feelings in the wake of all that has taken place. We will heal. We will push ahead. We will honor the people who have passed by doing good for those still with us. This tribute is is my own delicious dedication in hopes that it brings a smile at a time of need. God bless you all, both living and passed.
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Chef's Table Passions...

hazelnut & garlic crusted soft shell crab
pea pancake, ramps, creamed nettles, honshimejii, pea jus, black garlic

scallop & foie gras, peanut butter pesto, cacao nibs
rhubarb, concord grape gastric

white asparagus salad, white asparagus gelato, micro cilantro
cara cara oranges, shiitake chips, citrus dressing, olive oil powder

seared scallop & foie gras...alternate version
crispy brioche, poached rhubarb

searing the foie...mmmmmm!

a few random pixels of passion...snapped off in-between plating and serving. All just pieces of the greater sum of its parts. Good times!