Caught Up in the Moment...

Sometimes I really do not know where the time goes. It seems to just slip away right in front of me. That is the life of a chef for you. Always so many things to accomplish...one more thing to get done...one last idea to create...always busy doing that one last thing. Things certainly have been busy for me. New things at work. New things in my cooking. New things in my life. All good things. Although I have taken many, many shots over the last few months since our last encounter here, here are some that are a bit more recent from a very special dinner we did for some very special people for a very special birthday!
nectarine-crab salad, lemon balm, yuzu pudding, bergamot oil
macadamia nuts, olive oil

heirloom tomato salad, marinated mozzarella, micro basil, spanish olive oil
grilled marcona almonds, tomato water, fleur de sel

seared pleasant view farms foie gras, rhubarb gel, beets, walnuts, apricot mostarda
cinnamon charcoal, micro arugula

porcini & parsley marinated halibut, fava tapenade, corn, duck tongues,
truffles, nasturtium sauce, onion ash pasta

spice crusted duck breast, cherries, garlic confit, arugula pesto, smoked panzanella crumbs
roasted farmer carrots, blackberry-syrah sauce

merlot braised beef shortribs, horseradish potatoes, zucchini ribbons
crispy parmesan chips, black pepper sauce