Going 1000 mph...

Or so it would seem...in the last month we have cooked some amazing dishes, meals and ingredients and for some truly amazing people! This dinner was for a special foodie guest who is always, always inspiring me to cook for him and pushing us to try new thoughts, explore different themes in which to present to him and with different dimensions. This was a mix up of several different themes, yet playing to the whim of his guest...
asparagus-parsley juice broth, razor clams, green harissa, meyer lemon oil

warm dungeness crab "toast", citrus, tarragon, rye, arugula
roasted red & gold beet salad, aged bleu, walnuts, arugula, beet paint,
gew├╝rztraminer ice

seared foie gras, rhubarb gel, poached rhubarb, roasted truffled squab salad
peppercress, whipped cacao nib-pepper honey, bourbon sugar brulee, pine bud syrup

Asian pears, begonias, hibiscus gelee, bergamot, licorice ice

grilled wild halibut, morels, truffles, miners lettuce, asparagus
fava bean tapenade, nasturtium sauce

roasted, grape nuts, grape-lavender soda, fleur de sel

wild boar loin, garlic nettles, cardoons, walnuts, sorghum-pepper brushing,
king oyster mushrooms, sassafras bitters

earl grey chocolate fondant, caramel, frozen raspberry drupelets, almond milk powder
almond milk gel, raspberry bitters sherbet

freeze dried corn gelato

lemon-pistachio macaron, strawberry-prosecco jellies
vanilla caramels, dove bars, dark chocolate langue du chat sandwiches


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