Meaty, Juicy & Tasty...

elk loin carpaccio "ravioli", fava bean tapenade, ossau iraty, black pepper

baby heirloom tomatoes, arugula, thai basil, crisp potato, 30 year balsamic

frog legs sous vide, aussie truffles, semolina gnocchi
green apple mustard brushing, pea vines, honshimejii, truffle nage

grilled columbia river sturgeon, seared foie gras
quinoa, corn-bacon-peach "fricassee", pineapple sage, peach vinaigrette

Go big or go home! This was kind of the theme as it turned out after looking back at the dishes constructed. Inspired by the moment, the season, the guests arriving, and the ingredients procured...the bold flavors just seemed to fit. One after another, the dishes took their own identity and transpired into the juxtaposition that became itself. Slightly more deeper a flavor profile than the normal summer tastes but yet fitting as they were quite light in nature for most part. Fun to cook...amazing to taste...intriguing to contemplate. This will definitely spin us in a direction with new ideas for the future...hope you enjoy this visual to sink your teeth into...


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