Vintimate 3~ Argentina...

spiced rabbit empanada, caramelized onions, chorizo, pepper coulis

jicama-orange salad, pepper oil, oca leaves

seared elk loin carpaccio, arugula, apricot chutney, garlic dressing
crispy onions, whipped tomato air, black pepper

savory spice braised opah cheeks sous vide
charred calamari salad, smoked abalone mushrooms, lemon, parsley salad
scallion coulis, yucca puree, red wine syrup

char-grilled rib eye of beef "asado"
tomato-shallot marmalade, chanterelles, roasted heirloom garlic
peach-smoked paprika chimichurri, purple potatoes


dulce de leche "torta", melon-almond gazpacho, chocolate lollipop

brazil nut crumble

And yet another journey in the world of wine and food...Wine and food...food and wine...which one should come first? Which one should take a back seat? Ideally...neither, but it seems to depend on who strong arms who in terms of the marketing of the event and how it is played out. Taste of Argentina vs. A Taste of Malbec. In this instance, it was billed as the Vintimate Series, in which case the wine comes first. I seem to always go with my gut though and put my food hat on and push forward in a direction that I see best fitting the situation...and my palate! After all...that is what I do. This dinner was all about the wines of Argentina and the flavors and ingredients that could best highlight the well rounded wines served up to such a lucky clientele. I have always loved the warm flavors of South America and it gets my juices flowing and palate tingling when I envision those wonderful warm flavors and tastes. This was the third part of three in this series and ended up being so cool, so tasty and so sexy! Looking forward to starting another new series whereas food will play "el capitan" known as the Global taste Series. That will have to wait until next time though. Here is how this one played out...


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