Crafted, Concise & Coherent...

local crayfish-herb salad, corn, truffles, peas, micro greens

corn-truffle agnolotti, corn nage

cornish game hen sous vide, pea vines, fava bean tapenade, honshimejii
hazelnuts, roasted fig relish, sardinian saba

grilled alaskan halibut "tranche", morels, adolescent zucchini
zucchini-basil puree, tomato-plum-olive oil "vierge"

"bouche revigorant"
peppered local apricot "sambal", baby fennel, grains of paradise, chili threads
grapefruit-thyme-honey ice

dukkah crusted loin of lamb, king trumpet filet, beet greens with bacon
young walla walla onions, salt roasted beets, charred peach essence

"la tur" triple milk, macerated figs, pecan, pomegranate syrup
redwood hill farm chevre crottin, cherries "3 ways"
jasper hill farm cow's milk camembert "brulee", truffled apricot conserve
spanish valdeon cow's milk bleu, douglas fir honey, salted marcona

~dessert four-play~
peach-yogurt parfait, fennel shortdough, rose geranium ice cream
corn brulee, cherries, melon-hyssop sorbet
s'mores in a new way
praline valrhona silk, tay berries, olive oil gelato


our dishes are crafted out of the love of the ingredients...

the love of the food...

the desire to please...

the need to fulfill...

the passion to kick ass!


the creations that come to fruition are a concise thought revolving around taste...

inspired from the moment...
rooted in tradition and classic foundation...
conjured up from a strong urge and desire to maximize flavor!

our food unveils its true identity because we are aware of our surroundings...

it evolves because we research the possibilities and strive for potential...
it comes alive because we care and are passionate about our craft...
it is because we are!


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