Looks That Kill...

purple cherokee tomato pave, peach air, chili thread

compressed watermelon napoleon, albacore tartare, anise hyssop

yellow taxi tomato water "boisson", baby tomato & melon spoons

grilled madagascar prawn, golden caviar-ginger-heart of palm ravioli
sriracha aioli, ginger-chive oil, peach relish, nasturtium

sous vide thigh and seared loin of rabbit, morels, pistachio pesto
fig relish, red huckleberry sauce

seared foie gras salad, apricot gel, apricots, cherries, purslane, hazelnuts
cacao nibs, pedro ximenez dressing

braised frog legs, onion-bacon-tomato "stew", aussie truffles
seared skate wing "salad", truffle mashed potato

grilled opah cheeks, zucchini puree, fava bean tapenade,
king trumpet mushrooms, tomato-plum-olive oil "vierge"

the other 6 courses did not take well as we were crazy busy...

bummer, but that's rock n roll & life on the road

still pumped from the crue show...this song is definitely drilled into my brain and it, along with all the other kick ass tunes they shared has been inspiring me since that night! Actually, truth be told...the crue has always been a great inspiration...bad boy attitude, hard core aggression, extreme in everything they do, the need to have fun and push the boundaries, decadence...you get it. I tend to do that with my life, albeit a bit less on the destructive side...no heroin here! This post is about the hard drive to explore the craft and the passion, the extreme commitment to the "fans", the result and fruits of our labor and the rock n roll that comes along with it...hope you enjoy this ride on the wild side!...


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