28 Courses to Go...

and yet another wonderful year for two special people I am blessed to know and be able to cook for throughout the year. I cant even begin to say how much I am inspired to do so each and every march as we near their anniversary, in this case...28 years and going strong! Cooking for someone is so very special and giving of ones heart. I don't think enough people realize this fact. These two special folks really and truly do. Thank you for this honor...
snax part 1~ prosciutto grilled cheese and brioche

snax part 2~ popped truffled sorghum

snax part 3~ spiced pineapple glazed brazil nuts
with cumin, coffee and ancho chilies

carrot tapenade, pecans, peas
beet tapenade, marcona almond, carrots
pea tapenade, pine nuts, beets

lobster egg with avocado, melon, golden caviar, champagne sabayon
scrambled eggs, truffles, crème fraiche, american sturgeon caviar

hibiscus iced tea soda, agave and pear

heart of palm, pineapple, miners lettuce, citrus-hibiscus jelly, lobster vinaigrette
spice crusted king salmon, peppercress, radishes, fennel, soy-mirin-bacon dressing

asparagus-Italian parsley juice, asparagus, razor clam, meyer lemon oil
lobster bisque, lobster, roasted cauliflower
spring nasturtium-potato with potato "gnocchi"

verjus compressed Asian pear, micro celery, licorice ice

seared foie gras, rhubarb, hazelnuts, whipped cacao nib-pepper honey, pine bud syrup

grilled wild halibut, morels, peas, miners lettuce, pea jus

seared sea scallop, truffled leeks, nettles, king trumpet mushrooms, red wine jus, truffles 

refresher part 2
rhubarb-verjus gel, mint, celery, grains of paradise, gewürztraminer ice

ginger, soy, garlic, anise marinated squab, watermelon radish, honshimejii, peppercress
soy-mirin-bacon vinaigrette

wild boar loin sous vide, sexy white grits, sorghum syrup, pecans, carrots, arugula
black huckleberry infusion

grilled american bison loin, hedgehog mushrooms, red wine farro, cipolline onions
micro mustard, syrah salt

le viande...

mezzo part 3...
fennel dressed cucumber salad, begonia, mint, iced cucumber-yogurt smoothie

cheese & fruit...
micro arugula, marcona almonds, Fuji apples, roasted grapes, grape soda
aged crottin of goat cheese, Tasmanian leatherwood honey, walnuts

pre dessert
vanilla-fennel pollen yogurt, peppered strawberries, strawberry-mosto cotto snow

dessert treasures about to be placed under cloche du chocolat
chocolates, caramels, cookies, crisps, jellies, macaron, wedding cake
frozen fruits, cracked gingersnaps, sherbet ribbons

the dessert is served...now break it open!

the treasure dome revealed


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