Sharing of One's Passion...

A little glimpse of a moment in time of cooking from the heart. A pixel of passion and pleasure. A gesture of kindness and gratitude from one foodie to another. Here is the still(or not so still) life living in the now as the food crafted and created for some special folks was unveiled before them. To share of one's passion is a special thing, and one that is paralleled by only a few. I have shared my heart and soul with many, on one level or another, at one time or another and for one cause or another. Yet still, only some really scratches the surface. I delve deep when it comes to those that I feel truly appreciate the work, the flavor, the taste and the passion it takes. Here is a collection of tastes that are for some truly special peeps...
sashimi of fluke, radishes, minted celery, yuzu pudding, sriracha aioli, soy pearls
tangerine sorbet, finger limes, ginger-lime-mint dressing

seared foie gras, fig mostarda, rhubarb ribbons, rhubarb gel, pistachio pesto
potato-pistachio topping, aged balsamic condiment

maple-mustard brushed rabbit loin, maple-bourbon gel, arugula
fava bean-marcona almond tapenade, beets, beet paint, maple-mustard vinaigrette

pan seared branzino, fresh hummus, charred octopus-lemon-fennel salad, pennyroyal
spring leeks, harissa aioli essence

porcini & long pepper lamb loin, morels, spring peas, shaved bianchetti truffles
prune puree, salsify chips, truffle lamb jus

72 hour beef short rib, celery root puree, hedgehog mushrooms
baby turnips, saba,  syrah salt, elderberry essence

lemon puddingcake lollipops, nutella macaron, jasmine dove stix
strawberry-elderflower pates de fruits


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