Foie Gras Three Ways...

The second posting of a series of three ways of preparation and presentation of different dishes yet using the same main item. A collection of ideas, thoughts and interpretations and how they change as the day changes, the mood, the group, weather, song in my head, the intensity, the passion, the energy and excitement and the thoughts running wild inside me...good or bad, the dishes are what they are. Same shit different day you ask?...perhaps.
seared foie gras, maple, rhubarb, celery, walnuts, walnut-vadouvan powder,
peppered strawberry

pan seared foie gras, poached rhubarb, rhubarb gel, hazelnuts, minted celery, pears,
wood sorrel, banyuls gastrique, peppered chocolate marbre

seared foie gras, fig mostarda, blood orange caramel, savory cacao nib financier
pickled shallots, micro celery, walnuts


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