Until Then...

As each day passes, I look forward to the next...wondering what it will bring, what new experiences will be presented in my path, what new and exciting opportunities will grace my presence, what life changing situations might occur, both good and bad and what amazing adventures might I embark on. And then there is the food...oh the world of food. What new find will I stumble upon, what new source may I be presented with, what dining experience will be so gracefully bestowed upon me, who will I be able to cook with and what will I be able to cook, and then who will I be honored to cook for? Will I be able to satisfy their every desire as a chef? I look at my food and wonder. Where will this road take me? Will I be able to satisfy myself? I wonder...as I keep cooking and focusing on taste, flavor, ingredients and technique...I wonder...until then. This is just another day with some different variations of the one prior. Experimenting with presentations and compositions of taste.
silky foie gras torchon, potato-pistachio topping, rhubarb gel, fig mostarda
minted celery sous vide, honeyed brioche "panzanella", celery leaves
aged sherry-argan oil dressing

garlic brushed quail thigh salad, hazelnut-millet pancake, morels
fava bean tapenade, micro arugula, mustard-maple brushing, onion blooms
peas, olive oil

pan roasted striped bass, fresh garbanzo beans, honshimejii mushrooms,
garlic steeped nettles, carrot pudding, chorizo, fennel pollen, preserved lemons, cider jus

ras el hanout crusted duck breast, pea vines, melted spring garlic,
roasted cauliflower-golden raisin "agro dolce", hedgehog mushrooms, truffles
elderberry sauce 

72-hour braised beef short ribs, grilled pear, duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes,
herb stewed baby turnips, syrah-pepper sauce


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