Fish of the Moment...

The third in a series of different dishes and different thoughts mostly using the same ingredients. Perhaps sometime, it is just another way of looking at the same humble ingredient in front of you thus you are able to see it in a new light and give it a better lift off or not. Stepping away from the stove here and there allows one to get a better perspective of their cooking and thoughts and shine in new ways
seared scallop, porcini creamed nettles, spring garlic, king trumpet mushrooms,
fiddlehead ferns, asparagus, chive-carrot emulsion

lemon & chive crusted alaskan halibut, ramps, asparagus, asparagus coulis,
saffron braised heart of palm, chia seeds, citrus heart of palm braisage

fennel pollen seared halibut, ramp pesto, pickled ramps, king trumpet mushrooms
crispy carrots, marcona almond quinoa, wood sorrel, rhubarb sauce
. Food for thought...


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