Rabbit Three ways...

Before you are a few different interpretations and thoughts and presentations of the same main item. Local Rabbit. We brought in a bunch of a certain few ingredients recently from local sources and prepared them slightly different each day we were cooking and serving our tasting menu, so rather than show a few different menus with various plays on the same ingredient, I am showing all three at once. Stay tuned for the same format with several other ingredients...foie gras, halibut, lamb, beef short rib etc...Not in a rut, just playing with the cool ingredients we had at the time. Cheers...
warm rabbit loin salad, morels, peas, pea pancake, wood sorrel
carrot-almond tapenade, pine bud syrup, argan oil, beet paint

pistachio brushed loin, fiddlehead ferns, peas, king trumpet mushroom-apple relish
shiitake chips, maple-bourbon gel, arugula pesto, noble maple dressing

rabbit loin & morel salad, maple-sherry gel, pistachio dust, arugula, fava bean shoots,
fava bean tapenade, bacon, sherry dressing


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