Craving Fall Flavors...

Just a few more good dishes, comprised of the fresh, fall ingredients procured as late. Interesting how something inside just clicks and makes the change to a different time of year, a cooler climate and a more intimate relationship with food. What a fun time to be a chef...and a diner!
pan roasted sea scallop, truffles, pumpkin gnocchi, house cured spala
salsify, porcini

spice rubbed duck breast, cassis remoulade, apple-celery-walnut salad
arugula, walnut powder, pedro ximenez dressing

seared foie gras, curried golden raisin sauce, "3 pickled berries"
smoked pecan crumble, savory gingersnap, elderberry vinaigrette

syrah and hibiscus braised bison short rib, roasted heirloom garlic
baby turnips glace, roasted porcini mushrooms, celery root, black peppercorn essence


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