Foraged, Fun and Foie Gras...

A few tastes that have been foraged and gathered. They are fun to prepare, cook and to eat. And...there is foie gras! What else need be said? There were several other dishes that almost made the cut, but I am saving that for yet another day when I am a bit more inspired to write. The first two dishes are a play on the same ingredients. An other just simply a fun dish to create and to prepare for our guests. And finally one to tease the taste buds...perhaps.
port cured foie gras (dish #1)...
peppered gingerbread, persimmons-celery salad, walnuts, walnut powder
cranberry-shallot tapenade, ras el hanout, port wine vinaigrette

port cured foie gras #2...alternate plate up
same gear, different day. A tribute to someone special.

seared diver scallop, smoked duck-apple salad, celery leaves, celery root puree
truffles, pedro ximenez-shallot jus

braised bison short ribs, saffron milky cap mushrooms, parsnip jam
"grape nuts", baby turnips, silky potato mousseline, crosnes


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