Good Times, Bad Times...

kushi oyster, ugli mignonette,chili, mint, lemon balm ice
"ice cream & lollipops"
flame torched copper river sockeye salmon crudo lollipops
lemon curd-fennel sous vide frozen lollipops
frozen yogurt-fennel pollen-elderflower lozenge
lemon balm ice cream, radish-cucumber-oca leaf salad, bergamot oil

close up of salad
"salted snax"
crispy fried duck tongues sous vide, smoked pecans, bacon
saba drizzle, pecan oil potatoes
pleasant view farms foie gras & scallop
peanut butter pesto, grape-abbamele caramel, poached rhubarb
rhubarb puree, micro arugula, peanut butter powder
wild walleye pike, peas, morels, lentil pancake, fava bean flowers
squash blossom tempura, pea jus, jus de poisson, murray river salt
root beer lacquered moularde duck, truffled risotto, roasted porcini
pea vines, fava bean tapenade, crispy beets, baby turnips, quince jus
syrah braised beef short ribs, carrot creamed nettles, green garbanzo beans
baby purple artichokes, crisp salsify and huckleberry-syrah vinegar sauce
chocolate, pear, smoked applewood ice cream
peanut butter cheesecake, raspberry, raspberry sorbet, hippenmasse
kumquat puree, gelee, poached slices, olive oil gelato
white chocolate-lemon verbena madeline, strawberry-pistachio-watermelon salad
A very special tribute of good, for so many bad that happened yesterday. This goes out especially for a few folks...a staff member, whom was deeply affected by the terrible and horrific tragedy,  Enter the day...5 murders, 1 suicide, several wounded, a distraught and shaken community ending in utter sorrow, confusion, question and darkness. And...cool, kick-ass food being served up for some very special guests, celebrating life and happiness, passion, taste and all that is good. Bizarre...yes! My heart goes out to all the families, friends, patrons of Cafe Racer and community of Seattle who have been touched and scarred by this palette of death placed upon the canvas of those involved. Hopefully...this passion of cooking that I hold so close will in some small, minute way, bring a sliver of good feelings in the wake of all that has taken place. We will heal. We will push ahead. We will honor the people who have passed by doing good for those still with us. This tribute is is my own delicious dedication in hopes that it brings a smile at a time of need. God bless you all, both living and passed.


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