A Devotion to the Craft...

foie torchon, poached rhubarb, candied walnuts, rhubarb gel, fava bean flowers
seared scallop, honshimejii, green and white asparagus, wild boar "ravioli"
carbonized onion paste
diver scallop, brioche, peanut butter pesto, rhubarb, cacao nibs
awaiting foie gras...
scallop salad, heart of palm, white asparagus, scallop crudo "ravioli"
micro radish, grapefruit granite, smoked olive oil
foie gras torchon, toasted peanut paste, poached rhubarb, micro red radish
mandarinquat jus
spice crusted moularde duck, tunisian cous cous, kumquats, peas
roasted turnips, pea vines, blackberry essence, black garlic
seared diver scallops, peas, charred onion paste, house bacon,
bourbon-maple vinegar glaze
Our team rocks. Plain and simple. We have challenges just like any kitchen, but we work through them. I like that we don't have drama. Drama sucks and it drags you down. I always sense a strong devotion to the craft, even if the level of understanding, comprehension and experience amongst the crue is not always the highest. The passion that is evident is heartfelt and contagious. I wish I would have been able to have this as a young cook early on in my career at some places I worked. Some did and luckily, it stuck. Those were different times for sure. Another story, another day. At present, it seems that I cant express enough passion. I want to just scream at times to let people know how much I care and want to to make it perfect. Not everybody sees that or doesn't want to. That's ok. I know it to be the fact and it is so true of whom I am. Plain and simple! Food is so many different things to so many different people. That is what makes this business, profession and art so amazing. Here is some different representations of the craft for those that are not aware and for those that are!


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