Bring it On...

scrambled eggs, sturgeon caviar, creme fraiche, chervil

copper river salmon belly, morels, peas, micro radish

lobster bolognese, purple basil crepe, elderflower-yuzu sabayon

plating foie

seared foie gras, rhubarb, walnuts, peanut butter powder, muscovado

red banded rockfish, chorizo, green garbanzo, octopus, olives

plum, fennel, pink peppercorn, frozen yogurt

duck, scallop, tunisian cous, garlic scapes, fava beans

beef loin, baby turnips, king oyster mushrooms, salsify

chocolate-cherry-smoked wood
pineapple-macadamia-rum caramel
raspberry-kumquat-white chocolate
 or one could say braun...(reads inside note). A few recent shots of the here, the now, the good and of the moment! A feast for the foodies. Flavors of fresh, fun and lively...tastes of spring, excitement, sublime...visions reflecting the heat of passion amongst the brigade. Inspiration from various stages and platforms, foodstuffs, music genre and the like. Hope you enjoy as we did cooking...


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