Reflection of Soul and Self...

copper river salmon belly sous vide, cucumber, sharlyn melon, radishes
sriracha aioli, micro radish, oca leaves, blood orange olive oil
Liz rocking the anti griddle
seared pleasant view foie gras PB &J, pain perdue, poached rhubarb, fizzy golden raisins
rhubarb jam, peanut butter powder, rhubarb vinegar gastric
ugli fruit, poached fennel, pink peppercorn syrup
frozen yogurt-elderflower-lemon lozenge
spice crusted duck breast, quinoa, cardoons, walnuts, porcini, walnuts
baby turnips, kumquat-pinot noir jus
coffee crusted sous vide lamb loin, semolina gnocchi, king oyster mushrooms
fava bean tapenade, spring garlic, bacon-mushroom-onion essence
sweets and treats
earl grey chocolates, lavender-orange macaron sandwiches, spicy truffles
salted caramels, vanilla langue du chat wafers
Reflection of taste...smell...sight...sound...touch. All these make up the senses that most of us experience each and every day and in reality, take for granted. For those less fortunate, some of those senses do not play a part in one's daily life. Then take into mind the sense and reflection of emotion, feelings, thought, and heart. It can tear at you and at the same time bring you the utmost overwhelming joy. When you can bring that same great sense of joy to others whom you are important to you, this is a great thing. A gift. A miracle actually. My food brings me a great sense of fulfillment as do the very special people in my life, and, it is my vehicle in which I get to express my joy on a daily basis when I can not be with them. When I am down, that too gets expressed and reflected in my work. It is inevitable. This is not to say I do shitty work when I am down, but it does take on a different tone nonetheless. My work is a reflection of my soul in and out. It either screams of joy or pain, like that of a musician. The main difference being that in words and lyrics, it is quite obvious when someone is up or down. In my food, not so the case. I sometimes look at my past work and imagine what I was thinking at the time of cooking it. Or ask myself "how I was feeling"? "Who made a special impact on my day that day"? Was I having a good day or a bad one? In reality, some of my best work was accomplished when I was in the most horrible of places in my life. I tell myself, each day is a new day and with it brings new life and the fortunate opportunity to let those special people in my life know I care about them. I have posted some dishes here not to contemplate the good or the bad, but to recognize and reflect on the depth of soul within myself and know that no matter the case, it is true. A truth that I will continue to be in search of.


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