To Provoke Thought...

This post is just simply that. A thought. An emotion. A culture. A vision. A passion. An addiction, one that has taken it's toll in my life in more ways than one. I offer this to you merely as a means to hopefully inspire. I am a giver...that's what I do. So, without any further adieu...start looking and start cooking! Cheers...
elderflower-fennel pollen frozen yogurt, American sturgeon caviar, crispy potato
shaved french breakfast radish-citrus salad, sriracha aioli

flame torched copper river salmon belly "nobu style"
asparagus, morels, fava bean-purple potato-shallot dressing, lemon pudding
mugolio brushing, pinot noir pearls
seared foie gras, cacao nib-pistachio waffle, rhubarb-strawberry pudding,
grains of paradise-olive oil caramel

hazelnut-garlic-cornmeal crusted soft shell crab, ramps, peas, truffled nettles
pea coulis, lobster "bolognese", truffles

lime-honey emulsion, hibiscus gelee, grated macadamia nuts, hibiscus-rhubarb soda

braised and saba seared short rib, sautéed sweetbreads, roasted porcini mushrooms
coffee thumbelina carrots, farro porridge, cassis essence

wild berry cobbler, muscovado streusel, mascarpone sherbet
lemon posset, pistachio, grapefruit confit, rhubarb sorbet
strawberry-lemon short cake, poppy seed sponge, crème fraiche, strawberry-lime sorbet
coffee cremeux, coffee soil, caramel, peanut butter espuma, raspberry sorbet
hazelnut-chocolate milkshake (not pictured)


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