Sweet, Salty and Satisfying...

a few descriptors of taste and flavor as it is pertaining to some new dessert dishes recently crafted for our dessert menu. A nuance of the now in the heart of spring. Fun, tasty, simple, fragrant and flavorful, delicious! Anything is better with a little dessert right?...

hazelnut praline infused valrhona manjari silk
huckleberry jam, coulis, hibiscus gelee, malt crumble, compressed pears
hazelnut macaron, praline-chocolate flake ice cream

lemon posset, spring fruits~citrus, strawberries, rhubarb, blueberries
pistachios, strawberry-lime sorbet, chocolate feuillatine crunch, rhubarb gel
cornmeal cookies

macerated strawberry shortcake, poppyseed sponge, crème fraiche
strawberry "pudding", mascarpone sorbet, jasmine pot de crème
lemon puddingcake pops

salted caramel ganache tart, milk and white chocolate
candied peanuts, peanut butter foam, coffee cremeux, cherries, cherry caviar
anglaise, coffee crème fraiche ice cream

rhubarb-vanilla buckle, poached rhubarb, minted celery, celery syrup
graham cracker streusel, rhubarb sorbet, fennel gelato, strawberry chips


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