Smoky Bunny Stew...

A play on words...yes smoked. yes fresh rabbit. yes a stew, or kinda sorta. Just wanted to post this photo of a dish we did a prelude course for a wine luncheon for Lachini Vineyards from Oregon featuring a stellar Pinot Noir. It was a dish that highlighted some fresh local rabbit, in which we took the hind legs, cured them, cold cherry wood smoked them, cooked the legs sous vide until nice and tender. Then seared gently and sliced. It was served atop a dried porcini mushroom-ramp green biscuit, king trumpet mushroom relish, toasted pecans and a porridge of toasted farro, local farmer asparagus, spring garlic and finished with a roasted rabbit braisage scented with maple. Top off with some micro arugula, sea salt and late harvest vinegar gastric brushing. Tasty way to start a pinot meal!


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