Meaty, Succulent and Juicy...

The fourth in a series of variable tastes, textures, flavors and presentations. This one based on the more  heartier of the fare. The meat courses...mostly the main or more final courses of the bold savory menu,  before the sweets come into play. As a lot of tasting menus tend to go, the meat course is not always the most sexy and captivating as we have just experienced so many tastes and textures before then and with fun, lively, typically more exciting dishes and vibrant flavors with pop and pizzazz. I try to not allow the let down come at that point and make the whole experience of taste and flavor run the gamut and actually come to a striking point with the meat course, only before being aroused again for the series of sweet tastes climax. I must admit however, as much as I love to eat meat dishes, I find the fish courses, shellfish and foie gras more interesting and satisfying. But in the end, a great dish is a great dish, a great meal is a great meal and a great chef & team is a great chef & team. Carry on...
spice crusted duck breast, hedgehog mushrooms, truffles, prune puree, baby turnips
pea vines, elderberry sauce

braised beef short ribs, fava beans, farro, butternut,
cipolline onion-golden raisin agro dolce, black currant essence

72 hour beef short rib, quinoa, walnuts, walnut powder
glazed baby carrots, honey glazed cipolline onions, black pepper sauce

ras el hanout duck breast, baby turnips, spring onions, pea pancake, peas,
pea vines, saba, crispy potato, black currant-banyuls sauce

cacao nib crusted lamb, coffee roasted thumbelina carrots, carrot nettles
smoked abalone mushrooms, green garbanzo beans, golden raising essence, micro chard

lamb in succession


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