Fade to Black...

If I have said it once, I have stated it many...that it is not always when I am in the best of spirits that I do some of my best cooking. And as well, at some of those moments, I should not be cooking at all. It is just not fair to the guests or my team. As the infamous song will attest, life can be tough and roads can turn on you in a moments notice. Another story for sure. At any rate, I had an opportunity to cook for a newer guest and strangely, the ideas and food seemed to flow. Maybe this will be great I thought? It was difficult mind you. Difficult in the sense that I was distracted with the business and having a very hard time concentrating, feeling passionate about the food, the dinner and the moment. The dishes that transpired seemingly were enjoyed by the new foodies I had stumbled across. A cool thing. They are well traveled, exposed to the obscure and the elite and excited about experiencing new pleasures. As I spoke to them throughout the night, that approach reminded me so much of the need to keep focused and passionate. Cooking is a blessing. A gift. A journey. A passion. A life experience. A way of life and culture. I am not boasting that this food is phenomenal or even great. It is just personal and a viewpoint of my own at that moment and a reflection of a state of mind. As indicated in the mission statement of cuisinierskitchen...
silky foie gras mousse "horizontal mille feuille", oven dried strawberries
pistachios, peppered pears, pine bud syrup, hibiscus gelee

porcini rubbed veal sweetbreads, local asparagus, fresh garbanzo, bacon
king trumpet mushroom-thyme essence, arugula, romesco

herb crusted atlantic fluke, peas, pea pancake, pea vines, snow peas
heart of palm, vadouvan emulsion

verjus-honey gelee, grapes, compressed melon, navarro gewürztraminer ice

fennel pollen lamb tenderloin, white bean puree, spaghetti squash, fennel sous vide
purple potato-cauliflower-ramp salad, fava bean tapenade, sherry reduction

spice crusted moularde duck, smoked salsify quinoa, honshimejii, garlic creamed nettles
crispy salsify, cassis jus
sautéed diver scallops, spice sautéed duck hearts, celery root puree, smoked abalone mushrooms,
salpicon of green olives, red wine onions, citrus, olive oil

lemon posset, blood oranges, tangerine sorbet
strawberry shortcake, rhubarb, maple blossom ice cream
brown butter pot de crème, caramel
praline valrhona manjari cremeux, hazelnuts, cherries, praline-chocolate ice cream


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