Shared By Two...

every now and again, I am blessed and honored to cook for those that truly are inspiring to me as a cook and a person. Sometimes it is an obsessed foodie who is one of the culinary hipsters of the area, other times a truly amazing and wonderful couple who exude greatness, kindness and appreciation for the craft and generosity of what a good chef does, or perhaps a cool rock star fellow chef in the industry or, the ultimate, is cooking for and sharing my heart and soul with those close in my life. No matter the case and opportunity, it is a really great excuse to pour my guts out onto the plate in front of them, all the while pushing myself to the limits in pursuit of perfection, excellence and taste. This meal, was all about the celebration of a 27th anniversary...and so it was...27 courses, and then some,
shared by two...
truffled scrambled eggs, lobster, chervil-lime crème fraiche

frozen foie gras lollipops, fleur de sel, caramel, granny smith apple
arctic char tartare, fennel, rhubarb, celery leaves, fennel tuile

sexy spoons filled with taste, flavor and excitement

albacore tuna crudo, radishes, endive, verjus cucumbers, tarragon
maine lobster, avocado, roasted pineapple, coconut, sturgeon caviar

thumbelina carrots, garden beans, herbed mascarpone, crisp potato
warm duck confit-fuji apple salad, ginger, vadouvan, honey, saba

smoked salmon, chives, horseradish crème fraiche
roasted bartlett pear, verjus pickled honshimejii mushroom, micro sorrel

rabbit confit turnover, caramelized onion, rabbit loin-foie gras skewer, pistachio, arugula
roasted & sous vide beets, candied walnuts, walnut powder, maple gel, miners lettuce
sesame & soy glazed chicken "oysters", shallots, garlic, soy pearls, scallions

rhubarb-licorice fern root soda

asparagus tip salad, cured ham, chevre, romesco crumbs, arbequina olive oil
seared jumbo scallop, fava bean tapenade, marcona almonds, wood sorrel, shiitake chips

spring garlic-herb custard, portobellos, green garbanzo beans, pecorino, onion blooms

shrimp-baby carrot salad, macadamia nuts, curry vinaigrette, micro greens, papaya
carrot-ginger soup, lemongrass, coconut-grains of paradise foam
seared alaskan halibut, leeks, sweetbreads, house bacon, saba-delicata oil

douglas fir glazed quail, butternut squash agnolotti, butternut-pear salad, kabocha oil
shellfish bouillon, crispy pork belly, escarole, honshimejii, chili threads
hand rolled tagliatelle, truffles, crab legs, uni, lobster essence

fennel-cucumber salad, celery, verjus peppered strawberries, fennel yogurt lozenge

lamb loin sous vide, prune puree, fava beans, pecans, eggplant jus
ras el hanout duck breast, baby artichokes, golden raisin agro dolce, cipolline onions
syrah braised short rib, hedgehog mushrooms, celery root, salsify, mugolio syrup

"cheesecake brulee", grapes, brown butter sable, smoked pinenuts,
charred cinnamon milk foam

chocolate caramel tart, preserved cherries, pears, espresso sauce, cherry gel
praline-chocolate flake milkshake
apple-toffee torte, apple confit, smoked wood ice cream, chocolate anglaise

happy 27th L & R

banana chocolates, banana-bacon macaron
salted caramels, jasmine dove stix


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where you get green garbanzo beans in Seattle? I haven't been able to find any since Whole Foods stopped carrying them.

4:37:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi...we get them from a specialty produce and import company called Mikuni Wild Harvest. They are coming in from California. www.mikuniwildharvest.com

good luck and enjoy!

10:51:00 AM  

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