Guerrilla Kitchen Warfare...

And so it goes...onward we fight the culinary battle amongst the the rivals of our profession, vying for the chance to be on top using any tactical advantage we can as a single force against the masses and chains...aiming for excellence...striving for flavor...dedicated to the craft and challenge...searching your heart and soul for identity...committed to being the best, even if you know you wont achieve it in this lifetime! Today was not any different. As I look at the dishes and the food, I only see the need to be better. New ideas. New flavors. New ingredients. New thoughts to ponder. New things to inspire me. I know that there is not an end to this process. Nope...only the end itself. I ask myself if I make a difference? Maybe.
"rabbit salad"
pistachio seared loin, dried fig mostarda, beet paint, compressed apples, miners lettuce, pistachio milk
confit-cipolline onion turnover, rye, pedro ximenez dressing

seared foie gras & sea scallop
maple gel, rhubarb, candied walnuts, walnut powder, aged balsamic, rhubarb dressing
fennel crusted alaskan halibut
king trumpet mushrooms, carrot creamed nettles, spring garlic, thumbelina carrots
hot tarragon mayo, wood sorrel, celery juice-oil infusion

yuzu pudding, grains of paradise, fennel, meyer lemon meringue
meyer lemon-mint granite

meyer lemon-cucumber-mint soda

cacao nib crusted oregon beef loin
prune and celery root purees, smoked salsify, fava beans, hedgehog mushrooms
crispy onions, elderberry jus 


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