Judge, Jury and Executioner...

poached samish bay oysters, mango-citrus gel, tangelos, daikon sprouts
black radish-heart of palm salad, micro arugula, ginger-honeydew dressing
seared foie gras, blackberry-onion jam, pears, smoked hazelnuts
chocolate-coffee gel, fig-balsamic dressing
carrot butter poached diver scallop, spring onion-garlic compote, onion blooms
watercress puree, panisse fries, house bacon, saba-carrot vinaigrette
zinfandel braised short ribs, truffle-hedgehog mushroom-tripe ragout
celery root pudding, thumbelina carrots, carrot creamed nettles, huckleberry essence
raspberry-elderflower pates de fruits, indian curry macaron sandwiches with honey-chile filling
blood orange olive oil chocolates, salted caramels
Judge Not...less the be judged! Tonight's gathering of foodies and cooks alike was for a well known US court judge and some guests. Following in the footsteps of one who's left us all, and a wonderful soire last year, I pay homage and tribute to the late Judge R.Beezer. He loved to dine with us. His guests in awe. The cooks stoked. The host pleased. The chef...feeling good about our work yet sees all the areas in which to do better. That's me. Here are a few shots of the moment cooking in the new season upon us in the Northwest. The Judge~ past & present. The Jury~the guests who are waiting to see what the quality of the food, service and wine will bring. The Executioner~ I guess...that would be me and our brigade. We execute. Execute standards, techniques, recipes, service, refinement, good dishes, processes and procedures and above all..we execute ideas. Here are but a few.


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