Passionate, Intimate, Amore...

foie gras mousse, prosecco-honey gelee, grapes, pears, micro greens, crispy potato
seared scallops and root beer glazed pork belly, crisp vegetable salad, beet tapenade
carrot powder, carotene-saba dressing, micro arugula
smoked duck breast salad, goat cheese flan, pear stuffed profiterole, muscovado topping, apples
smoked hazelnut crumble, micro celery, cassis vinaigrette
grilled hawaiian opah cheeks, sweet potato gnocchi, hearts of palm, black garlic aioli, citrus salad
sea urchin sauce
sous vide beef tenderloin, pan roasted sweetbreads, hedgehog mushrooms, pumpkin polenta,
grated orange cauliflower, crosnes, turnips and red ribbon sorrel
dessert for two...
chocolate pb &j bar, cherries, apricot stuffed zeppole, white chocolate cones, crispies
espresso-coffee milkshakes
parting pleasures...
rose & elderflower heart shaped macaron sandwiches
salted caramels
many other words can describe the night of love, loving and lovers. Sexy, Sensual, Erotic, Sexual, Heartfelt, Beautiful...and so on. I was happy to see many happy, smiling faces in the dining room last thursday for the night where we as cooks have a unique opportunity to really set a couples night in motion and turn up the heat. Get the blood rushing so to speak. I love cooking for valentines day. I love cooking any day and night, but have always really enjoyed this evening. Here is how it went down...uh, did I really just write that? Cheers to Cupid and the lovers out there alike!


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