Prelude to a Kiss...

opah cheeks, fennel-citrus salad, kumquats, crispy pork belly, lentils, chianti jus
american wagyu rib eye, foie gras, honey glazed cipolline onions, hedgehog mushrooms
glazed salsify & thumbelina carrots, acai laced heart of palm
blackberry-syrah sauce
pb & j chocolate bar, white chocolate cones, tea-honey pot de creme
blood oranges, cherries, tangerine sorbet, espresso-coffee milkshakes
A young, wonderful couple had notified me the day prior, that they were unfortunately unable to attend the special St. Valentines day dinner that we were preparing for and how sad they were to have to miss it. Then, he(mr. wonderful couple) emailed me back to say that although they could not attend that night, they both found themselves with the unique and fortunate ability to spend the afternoon with us for lunch that day for a special menu if we were so able and inclined to do so...hell ya I say! No time constraints...no restrictions...no allergies! Wooohooo. It is why I love this business so much...to be able to do something special for someone and go out of our way to do it, only to make them happy and because we can. For no personal gain of our own. Here is a special rendition of the menu that followed in it's wake later that night.


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