Spring is Here...

beautiful spring onion blooms awaiting to be adorned on the blue moki
sea bass special today
duck confit "tart", smoked hazelnut crust, apricot mostarda, micro arugula
fig-honey roasted cipolline onion salad, scarlet turnips, fig balsamic vinaigrette
zinfandel braised beef cheeks, porcini creamed nettles, millet-wild rice griddle cake
baby thumbelina carrots, king trumpet mushroom-tripe ragout
blackberry essence
amongst a few other things in life...spring is upon us here in the Northwest, or at least somewhat. Although we have not seen the likes of fresh asparagus, fava beans, and morels...we have started to see the new season pop it's lovely head up above ground, even if we had to strrrrretch the area of procurement a bit. We are excited to see and be able to cook with things like Nettles. Watercress. Miner's Lettuce. Meyer Lemons. Rhubarb. Spring Onions. and the like. I even caught wind today that fresh green garbanzo beans are on delivery. Get ready amigo's...start peeling. They hate it! Oh well...here is a glimpse of some fresh things to come. Here's to that spring in our step.


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