Loud, Live and Local...

riesling & ginger poached samish bay oysters, cucumber, honey gel, daikon
heart of palm, tangelo, apple-late harvest vinaigrette
seared foie gras, quail-arugula-hazelnut salad, blackberry-onion paint, profiteroles
fig dressing
citrus brined smoked catfish, dirty grits, leek-bacon composure, chia-fennel pollen yogurt
roasted beets, cacao nibs, tangerine sorbet
grapefruit-ginger-tarragon soda with bloomed chia
wagyu beef ribeye sous vide, truffle-hedgehog-tripe ragout, celery root pudding
thumbelina carrots, carrot creamed nettles, carrot powder, huckleberry sauce
spice crusted duck breast, roasted pear, salsify, brussel sprouts, walnuts, squash
jasmine-honey pot de creme, beignets, banana pudding, peanut butter-chocolate bar
cherries, coffee ice cream, blood orange-chai sorbet, maple-bourbon ice cream
Just like some of the Seattle music scene! Loud, in that it rang loud and clear of the taste, flavor and texture. Live...it was clearly alive, and live in the moment of our preparation right in front of our guests eyes. Local...most of the ingredients are local, or at least within a 100 mile radius, and for those that were not...oh well, get over it. It tasted great! if I have to search the world over to find the best ingredients, and I do, then so be it. I am local so that is where the idea originated from. Our team had a great time cooking. They did a wonderful job. I am so proud of them each and every day and am blessed and honored to work with them all. They keep me inspired and hopefully I inspire them too. Thanks peeps. Looking forward to what ever is next on the horizon. And like the music scene..if it's too loud...your too old!


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Do you make your own yogurt?

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