Big Easy Food...

Spicy Sauteed Shrimp "Bayou"
dirty grits, tasso, smoked cipolline onions, leeks and pecans
Dungeness Crab "Sardou"
slow poached egg, creamed spinach, artichokes sous vide, spicy hollandaise
"Big Easy" Fried Catfish PoBoy
citrus brined, smoked & cornmeal breaded, pickled jalapenos, arugula, andouille aioli
apple-heart of palm-black radish slaw, pickled okra, herb baguette
Simple. Creative. Sexy. Super Tasty! This not-so-glamorous elevated bar menu playin to the likes of Bourbon Street and the blues was nothing short of fun, flavorful and fantastic. Not mind blowing in terms of fanciness. Not raising the bar or pushing the envelope in terms of modern cuisine and technology, although we did use a few that we employ daily. In a word...playful, or is it tasty? Sexy? Maybe awesome? Perhaps kick-ass! Whatever the case, we have fun in this kitchen and we aim to please. Please ourselves. Please our guests. Please all who entrust in us to have good food. This night didn't disappoint. I have to admit, I have never been to New Orleans. I know some that have. I have read about it. I have eaten at places and with chefs that have cooked there. I seemed to have lived vicariously through them on this night. Am I a poser? perhaps. The way I see it, I was inspired by our event and dove into what I believed good food should taste like, embellished with nuances of the Big Easy and presented and prepared it with love and through my own eyes. Shit, I never  claim to be authentic on these kinds of things and I don't want to be. I want a new spin. An interpretation. A perspective of my own. Rustic is good in the right place. This was the right place and all in attendance said nothing short of "killer". Here's to another bite of spicy shrimp and another sazerac!


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