Recipe for Mayhem...

riesling poached samish bay oysters, tangelo salad, black radishes, cucumbers
micro greens, heart of palm, sriracha aioli, tangerine espuma
grilled golden spotted bass, oxtails, baby octopus, chickpeas, leeks, lemon confit
citrus dust, micro lemon basil, caramelized orange-lemon sauce
oregon lamb sous vide, lentils, butternut squash with maple and sherry
kale, brussel sprouts, walnuts, blackberry-chocolate essence
~lamb two ways~
truffled tartare, carrot powder, sherry vinaigrette
pan roasted tenderloin, crispy potato, syrah salt
pan roasted monkfish, tagliatelle pasta, oxtail-mushroom ragout, pecorino, kale, roasted hubbard squash
porcini crusted moularde duck breast & seared diver scallop
beets, kumquats, saffron cous cous, fig balsamic reduction, micro celery
angst, anxiety, stress, drugs & alcohol, addiction, passion, commitment, dedication, hunger, drive, desire...like love, hate, sex and pain~ all of them make for a very unique, exciting and adrenaline filled environment! One feeds off another with an instinct for more, and so on. They fuel each other...and handled correctly can make for the best kick ass kitchen and cooking experience around. Handled poorly and you've got a recipe for disaster with an appetite for destruction! And so as it goes, the inertia of chaos perpetuates forward with the end-product resulting in the success or failure by the sum of its parts. Good or bad...I'm along for the ride in this crazy life I know as a chef!


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