grilled madagascar sweet blue prawn, purple cherokee pave

heart of palm-mango salad, baby heirloom tomatoes, 30 year balsamic

summer melon "boisson"

seared foie gras, white nectarine-mint-jalapeno relish
cacao nib-hazelnut waffles, cherry gastric, cherry-pepper foam

pan roasted florida pompano, frog legs sous vide, truffles
honshimejii-corn stew, zucchini potatoes, truffle nage, crispy beets

black plum-fennel-fennel pollen salad, grapefruit-thyme ice

cardamom-pepper-juniper crusted duck breast
mustard pickled beets, fava bean tapenade, chanterelles
garlic pancake, wild blackberry essence

well, actually only 2:50am...but the post is inspired by the newly acquired cd; This is Gonna Hurt by SIXX AM, Nikki Sixx's other band. The significance is this my friends...every once in a while, you come across something that really surprises you...catches you off guard a bit...throws you for a loop...totally shows you a side of things that you didn't even see coming. This is totally the case with this new cd that my wonderful boys gave me for my birthday. They know I love the metal, the hard core, the madness. They are my partners in crime they are. God bless em'. Anyway, I thought for sure this was going to be a much more driven, aggressive, almost angry, death style vibe that was going to kick my ass and leave me for dead. Not so the case. In fact, quite the opposite, and in a very awesome way. It rocked, but on such a different level than what I expected. Here is where this post comes into play with my food...I thought it was going to turn out much different than it did. I thought going into the night, the food was going to kick my ass and theirs in such a more intense way than it actually materialized. It did, but so differently than what was expected. It actually came out better to be honest. The guests were some members who don't frequent the chefs table much as well as the owners of a cool, hip, sharp local restaurant. They liked it immensely and so did we. Funny how life can steer you down one road when you think you are headed down another. Perhaps we just travel down a different path to the same destination? Or a new ending on just a slightly altered path? Maybe, we as people are headed somewhere that we don't even have a freakin clue as to where we are going or will end up? Never mind...either way, the destiny awaits. It may surprise you...and it may hurt! Enjoy!


Anonymous tasty hamilton said...

This is what we call one hot fine dining! Just looking at the pics make me really crave for it.

4:15:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

so glad! It was pretty hot...cheers

3:50:00 PM  

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