Judge Not less thy be Judged...

fried silver smelts, heirloom garlic mashed pots, arugula

baby farmer tomato-basil salad, annatto-lemon dressing, almonds

sweet corn agnolotti, pea vines, aussie truffles, corn,
corn coulis, golden purslane

sous vide cooked fluke stuffed with foie gras
fava tapenade, adolescent zucchini, artichoke tombe, carrot puree
nasturtium sauce and petals

dukkah spice rubbed lamb loin, crispy polenta, parsnip puree
morels, slow roasted glazed onion, black mission fig sauce

s'mores, banana ice cream, chocolate semi freddo
fruits, lemon, strawberry-basil sorbet, dove bar
apricot tart "brulee", muscovado cremeaux, fennel shot dough


well, sort of...this menu was a culmination of dishes, tastes and textures and a multitude of flavors for a good couple who one happens to be a judge...literally. High court kind of dude...hopefully, he and his wife and guests thought highly enough of our humble cooking that he would not condemn us to the gallows or the gas chamber...we have been having fun lately with various combinations of ingredients that we have been procuring from our local friends, foragers, farmers, ranchers and the like and exploring what to do with them, how to prepare and present and experimenting with the different ways to mix and mingle a bit with all of them to get a better understanding of them as well as see what we like the most. What else could we ask for?...a chance to play, explore, cook, experience, taste, understand, contemplate and refine our thoughts for the future....and I get paid to do this...should be illegal! Hope you enjoy as much as we have...


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