Taste of Summer...

cherry smoked king salmon, fresh bay ice cream, ikura, blis maple, purslane,

crisp potato


first snax- assorted house salumi, olives, flatbreads

second snax- louisiana sweet shrimp spoon, summer melon, daikon, lemon verbena

pickled ginger

amuse-maine lobster, mango, avocado, sturgeon caviar, champagne-lemon sabayon

(missing in action)

nasturtium-potato "nage", seared scallop, nasturtium petals, dauro olive oil

fr0zen sriracha aioli, celery root remoulade, charred baby octopus,
smoked paprika oil

chilled foie gras "cremeaux", santa rosa plum, cacao nibs, toasted brioche,

mosto cotto

seared foie gras, pickled rainier cherries, fried grated marcona almonds
caramelized apricots, black pepper-px apricot caramel, micro chard

citrus brined, smoke-roasted catfish, polenta-tasso cake, peas, pea vines
anise hyssop emulsion, achiote oil

compressed wild strawberries, cucumber sorbet, grains of paradise, yogurt essence

guinea fowl roulade with lobster, truffles, porcini "farce"
roasted cepes, sage pudding, walnuts, golden raising jus, argan oil

loin of oregon lamb sous vide, morel-foie gras ragout, fava bean
garlic scape pancake, carrot oil, black currant sauce

fresh burrata, fig tartare, riesling caramel, fleur de sel
chevre ice cream, roasted figs, spicy fig jus

faberge egg, chocolate cake pop, dove bar, silk slice, caramel-chocolate brittle
muscovado creme "legere", marshmallows, espresso sauce

summer fruits, berries, rhubarb gelee, raspberry-fennel tart,
fennel short dough, lemon balm cooked israeli cous cous "pudding",

lemon swipe, strawberry-basil sorbet, cherry sorbet, rose geranium ice cream

on a previous post, i received a comment posing a question..."don't you ever get tired of cooking the same food"? I was trying to wrap my brain around the angle of where was this guy coming from? Sure...are there foodstuffs that we bring in that we enjoy toying with regularly, or styles and flavors I lean towards...yes! And each year, as the season changes, do we bring back those combinations that I love and savor...absolutely...That is who I am and the style in which I cook...I try to maintain an identity. Yet, within those confines, I look to break out by means of trying new combinations, ingredients, techniques and dishes and menus as a whole. I think if you look through the pages and the years, you will see that clearly. I did notice however as I was reading his comment and wondering if had I become complacent without knowing it...that the photos on the post I was reading was the same pictures I had posted about a week ago...I know, how I could not recall what I posted a week ago, but there was another photo on the top of the post and it was quite late and in haste of getting my post done(I need to find a nitch in time whenever I can)...I posted the same photos. So, I deleted the post and am starting fresh...I believe that this is most likely what that person was referring to, but if not, then hopefully, this new post capturing most of the 16~course degustation will serve as a little peak into something different...if not, then oh well....enjoy..


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