V is for...

could be for many...victorious, voluptuous, vicarious, vagabond, and the list goes on. In this case, it is for Valentines. This post is a bombardment of the cool and the sexy, and not necessarily in that order. Unfortunately, some of the shots did not come out well due to the lighting...maybe that was intentional? And let me tell you...this soup can get you some. Without further adieu...
shigoku raw oyster, tangerine pearls, hibiscus pickled fennel, hibiscus mignonette
this one was to get the party started

maine lobster, cara cara orange, lobster-vanilla vinaigrette, chives
yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon

seared scallop & beef short rib martini
silky mashed potatoes, cassis, love...
called this one foreplay!

smooth wild mushroom truffle cappuccino
beet blush, truffle foam, savory chestnut biscotti flanked this one

macaron hearts in the waiting...

various sweets for your sweetheart

hazelnut linzer cookies with raspberry and chocolate


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