Footsteps in my Mind...

I trace them constantly and ask what is my purpose? The answer lurks somewhere, this I'm sure. No matter the outcome, the search will continue...continue on for a better dish, a better way of doing things, a better representation of myself as a person and as a father and a better life. A few gathering of ingredients here presented and crafted in various ways. The busy season is definitely well upon us and not leaving much time to craft the new, yet just get through the shit ahead.

duck breast salad, sautéed matsutake mushrooms, pistachios,
 pine bud syrup, argan oil, micro arugula

silky celery root "cappuccino", white truffles, chestnut biscotti, spice-pistachio butter

spicy coconut panna cotta, hibiscus gelee, pickled pineapple, kaffir sorbet

warm rabbit salad, crispy duck tongues, pear puree, sweet cicely, maple
king trumpet-white truffle cappuccino, savory biscotti

seared foie gras, beets, persimmons, hazelnuts, beet blush, noble sherry reduction

pan roasted monkfish, red wine farro, caramelized brussels sprouts, walnuts
pumpkin, lobster mushrooms, amaranth, jus de poisson


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