New Year's Day...

always focused...

as Bono sings~nothing changes on New Years day?...I think it does, it can and it will! For some though however, perhaps not. But if you choose to live your life in the past, in the dark abyss and in the sorrows of the shadows, then you are most likely going to continue in your downward spiral. But, if you are open minded, positive thinking, spiritual, motivated and can seek the good and believe in the hope, faith, and destiny of a great future...then you are perhaps in for a wild ride for the better! I believe this. I believe in a positive outcome in life. I have hope and faith. I try to share that and spread that wherever I go and with whom I meet. So, as my first post of 2015, I leave you all with some thoughts of the new, ideas of the possible, and missions of the to be accomplished. Wishing you all the very best in the new year with much happiness, good health, love, passion, excitement and creativeness that one can experience. I look forward with much anticipation to the year ahead and spending time with those who I am close to- my two sons! Today, tomorrow and always...

always fun...

DEDICATION...stay the course, follow through and be committed
MOTIVATION...each day look to yourself and those around you to keep going
INSPIRATION...seek out all that makes you get excited about life, love and your craft
LOVE...do not hesitate to express to those close each day just how much
PASSION...go after all that is inside you to be the best you can be
COMMITMENT...first and foremost commit to yourself, family, your work and your life

BALANCE...this is essential for a positive outcome in life, love and work

HARMONY...once you obtain this, life flows better and more free
GIVE...give of yourself every time you can, it will make a difference
NURTURE...don't stop trying to progress the life and craft of someone else
TRUTH...speak it, live it, set that example to all as it is who you are
PERFECTION...set your standards higher than you can reach and strive for that always
SHARE...this is a great feeling that inspires us all
LEARN...never stop for that will be the death
LISTEN...keep your ears and mind open and act upon what you hear
COMMUNICATE...tell people what you are thinking and keep it open
TEACH...the knowledge you give to another will come back a hundred fold
LIVE...we all have only shot at life on this planet...make the most of it
from my kitchen to yours...god bless you all!

always searching for perfection...


Blogger Mathew Cobb said...

I have your blog bookmarked favorite on the kitchen computer...I check in periodically for updates so keep it coming friend!

4:19:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Thank you for reading...hope it inspires!

11:34:00 PM  

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